What are Working or Tender/Construction Drawings?

Tender/Construction drawings or working drawings are a detailed set of documents which are prepared to help with the construction of a building. They are usually accompanied by a book of specifications.

They identify every aspect of the construction process. They demonstrate how the building is put together, stating every material used and the method of construction. The detailed drawings cover items such as such insulation types and finishes, and are fully dimensioned at a larger scale. The working drawings and specifications sets a framework to ensure everything is clearly defined and in full compliance with all building regulation requirements. Click here for further information on building regulations.

Working drawings and a book of specifications is the medium for you to communicate to the builder what exact finishes and features you expect the building to have. They allow you to describe exactly what you want your house to look like. They also can be used as Building Control Compliance drawings.

Furthermore, the working drawings and a book of specifications contain all of the relevant information to achieve the desired BER. We can undertake a provisional BER calculation and incorporate the exact specifications to achieve the desired BER. We do not recommend leaving it to chance. Detail your building and know in advance what the expected energy efficiency of your home will be. Click here for more information on BER certificates.

The detail within these documents sets out the responsibilities of each participant in the project; making it very clear if there is a problem during the construction phase, who is responsible for solving it. This avoids any conflict during construction. The more detail provided within these documents means you have greater price certainty and there is less risk of costly errors at the end of a project.

Detailed working drawings and book of specifications have become even more important in the current economic climate with building contractors cutting their tender bids to the bare minimum in order to secure the work. They then try to make up the shortfall on the extras. The greater the detail, the more difficult it is for the contractor to justify extras at the end of the construction process. Commencing construction without a set work working drawings and a book of specifications can leave you exposed to cost uncertainty and unscrupulous behaviour from contractors.

Declan Noonan & Associates offer a range of different Construction Drawings packages to suit a clients particular needs and budget.


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