Percolation Test

A Percolation Test or Site Suitability Assessment is required for planning permissions for all proposed new homes which do not have access to public mains. A Percolation Test and Site Assessment is essentially an analysis of your site; the hydraulic properties of your soil and the height of the water table on your site, in order to determine what type of wastewater treatment system and percolation area would be most suitable to deal with your household wastewater.

The waste system design consists of a Waste water Treatment System (septic tank, packages treatment system, peat filters, wetlands) and percolation area. Proper testing, system selection and percolation design minimise the risk of contamination of our water resources and malfunction of your system. A positive Site Assessment result and detailed on site treatment drawings are the first positive set towards a successful planning application decision.

Why use Declan Noonan & Associates to undertake your Site Suitability Assessment? The testing procedure will be carried out by a Chartered Environmentalist who has also completed the FAS/FETAC “Site Suitability On-site Wastewater Treatment” Certificate. We carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the County Council.

We provide the Site Assessment service as a stand alone service. If you are using another Architect or Engineer who is not on the approved panel we will be more than happy to work in conjunction with your Architect or Engineer to provide you with a Site Assessment. We promise to make every effort to ensure your planning application is successful.

We are entirely independent of any wastewater treatment system manufacturer and so recommend the system which is most suitable to your site, and advise on the economics of any options which may exist. As part of the Site Assessment service we can provide your architect with a site survey and all the required design drawings associated with the waste water treatment option on your site. We can provide a follow up service involving the construction supervision of the waste water treatment system. If you are having difficulties with another Site Assessor please feel free to contact us to see if we can help resolve the difficulties you are experiencing.

We provide our Site Assessment service all over Munster. Our significant experience in undertaking Site Assessments ensures you will get a very professional expert service that has a proven track record in getting results. We are an extremely motivated company and guarantee that we will make every effort to make sure all options are explored before admitting defeat. On problem sites, we will undertake testing on all areas within the site to see if any alternative location can be found. We work closely with the Environmental Department to find the solution. Sometimes a solution is simply not possible but our clients will have peace of mind knowing every possible avenue will be explored to ensure their dreams are kept alive.

Advice: It is very important that the Site Assessment is undertaken before any detailed designs or significant expense is accrued by you; if the Site Assessment conclusions are negative because the soil is simply not suitable to treat waste effluent from the proposed development then you are simply wasting your time developing your proposals any further.

If the Site Assessment is negative any subsequent planning application will be refused. Whoever is undertaking the Site Assessment should provide a detailed set of site specific drawings of the design solution on how the effluent generated by the proposed development will be safely treated. Ensure quotations include for site specific drawings and site specific ground levels. Site specific drawings of the proposed on site treatment design solution are drawings accompanying a planning application showing how the treatment system is to be constructed on site. As part of the preparation of these drawings a detailed site survey recording ground levels and site features must be undertaken. Ensure any quotation includes for the site level survey.

The on site treatment design solution drawings needs to be very detailed including all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the legislation. Poor drawings can result in a prolonged planning process or planning refusal as the Environment Department simply cannot properly assess the proposals as the information supplied is inadequate. Environment Department Site Assessment Unit whilst strict are very good people to work with. They will give every application due consideration and work with the Site Assessor to look at every possible solution to get a positive result that meets the legislation. They need good site specific information and good quality drawings to allow them to help you. If you are having problems, talk to them as they always try and help. The Environmental Department agenda is not to refuse planning applications. It is to ensure everyone’s interests are protected by reducing pollution and preserving ground water quality. They provide excellent help and advice and should be consulted where problems exist.

When getting quotations ensure the digging of the P & T test holes are included in the quotation. Clarify on who is providing the JCB to dig the Trial Hole and who is providing the barrels of water required to undertake the testing. By asking the Site Assessor the questions it removes any misunderstanding and variances in quotations.

Ring or call into our offices to discuss any aspect of the percolation test / site suitability assessment. We have the answers to your questions, just ask. No commitment, no cost, we would love to help you.

Click here for examples of percolation test drawings.

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