Health & Safety Management

Health and Safety Management

Declan Noonan & Associates provide expertise in the management of risk in the construction sector. Every construction site is required to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations. We have experience in the practical side of risk management as well as a thorough understanding of the up to date legislation. We can work with you to improve the environmental, safety and health performance by implementing and maintaining Health and Safety Authority (HSA) initiatives, codes of practice, policies and risk management strategies. Contact us for more information.

What is construction work?
Construction work means the carrying out of any building, civil engineering or engineering work, other than drilling and extraction in the extractive industries. Regulations affecting domestic clients, contractors and architects are in place.

Why choose Declan Noonan & Associates?
We have years of experience maintaining the highest levels of safety standards in the construction industry. We can work with any project, big or small, and ensure that you are fully compliant with all of the relevant legislation. Whether you are a contractor looking for advice or expertise or a domestic client who must fulfill your legal obligation, Declan Noonan & Associates can meet your needs.

We have the necessary qualifications to act as Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) or a Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) or both if necessary. If you are concerned about work place safety on your site, need advice or are looking for a complete Safety & Welfare at Work package we can provide it for you.

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations explained

What is a domestic client?
A “Client” meaning a person for whom a project involving construction work is carried out. In this case a domestic client is someone undertaking or commissioning works in their own home. Previously, these builds were not expected to comply with the same legislation. Up until now domestic clients (clients commissioning works in their own home) did not have to appoint Project Supervisors, or notify their projects to the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).The new regulations apply to construction work that you pay to get done in your home. They do not apply to DIY (Do it yourself) jobs.

What do the regulations mean for the domestic client?
The regulations mean that domestic clients have to appoint competent people to carry out construction work. For riskier and or longer jobs competent project supervisors must be appointed to oversee and co-ordinate safety. The role of the project supervisors is very important. They co-ordinate the work of designers and contractors and make sure that the work is completed safely. When works are being done in or near the home, the client must make sure that they don’t put you and your family at risk. The new regulations aim to reduce the number of people killed and injured while carrying out construction work. Specific requirements are set out in European law for those who hire people to carry out construction work as well as for construction workers themselves. The Construction Regulations put these requirements into Irish law.

What is a Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)?
A Project Supervisor Design Process is a person or organisation appointed by a client under these regulations in order to comply with the new regulations. During the preparation and designing of a project, the PSDP will be responsible for:

  • Take account of the principles of prevention in relation to the different stages of design.
  • Coordinate the work of designers in relation to safety.
  • Organise cooperation between designers.
  • Prepare a preliminary safety plan.
  • Prepare a safety file and ensure its handover to the client.
  • Issue direction if necessary.
  • Notify client and the HAS of failures to comply with directions.

What is a Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)?
A Project Supervisor Construction Stage, is a person or organisation appointed by a client under these regulations to ensure they comply with the law. During the period of time starting when preparation of the construction site begins and ending when construction work on the project is completed the PSCS is responsible for the making sure the construction is completed within the framework provided by Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations.

What do the regulations mean for contractors?
In order to comply with the regulations the contractor is obliged to demonstrate competency and inform the homeowner of their duties. Essentially, this means that in addition to the traditional duties of a contractor, for example identifying and eliminating hazards, reducing risks during construction or monitoring compliance and taking corrective action, the contractor must demonstrate to the client that they are competent to complete the work and will allocate adequate resources to complete it safely. The contractor must be able to demonstrate that they can work safely and can manage the risks to their employees and to the homeowner and their family.

Furthermore, if a contractor is not aware of the appointment of project supervisors, the contractor must promptly inform the client that it is necessary for them to do so in order to be compliant. Although the responsibility lies with the client to carry this out, the responsibility lies with the contractor to inform the client of their full responsibilities. Declan Noonan & Associates can handle all of your health and safety requirements. Contact us for further information.

Click here for a guideline for home owners.

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Health and Safety Management Services Declan Noonan & Associates provide include the following:

Customised Safety Statements
A Safety Statement is a book that contains all of the company’s safety rules, risk assessments and procedures. It will also specify exactly how your company will manage health and safety on a day-to-day basis and clearly state who is responsible for safety at the various levels within the company. For more information or advice on Safety Statements contact Declan Noonan & Associates.

Risk Assessment
A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm. Workers and others have a right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures.

Accidents and ill health can ruin lives and affect your business too, if output is lost, machinery is damaged, insurance costs increase or you have to go to court. You are legally required to assess the risks in your workplace so that you put in place a plan to control the risks. We can carry out the risk assessments on your premises and put an action plan in place to manage risk going forward.

Accident Reporting
The term “accident” can be defined as an unplanned event that interrupts the completion of an activity, and that may (or may not) include injury or property damage. An incident usually refers to an unexpected event that did not cause injury or damage this time but had the potential. “Near miss” or “dangerous occurrences” are also terms for an event that could have caused harm but did not.

Reasons to investigate a workplace accident include:

  • Most importantly, to find out the cause of accidents and to prevent similar accidents in the future
  • To fulfill any legal requirements
  • To determine the cost of an accident
  • To determine compliance with applicable safety regulations
  • To process workers’ compensation claims
  • Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that should be corrected. The same principles apply to a quick inquiry of a minor incident and to the more formal investigation of a serious event.

Declan Noonan & Associates are fully qualified and equipped to investigate all workplace accidents on behalf of clients. We can inform the relevant authorities and are familiar with the correct procedures.

Contact Declan Noonan & Associates for more information on how we can keep your construction site safe and protect the welfare of everyone working on a project.