Interior Design

Interior Design

What can Declan Noonan & Associates do for you?
We provide an affordable, personal ad practical interior design service mainly to the commercial clients. We specialise in a full interior design and fit. We can take care of everything for you. We will provide you with a quality designed interior which will add value to your investment. We will save you time and money by managing all aspects of design, sourcing and selection of furniture, flooring and soft furnishings. We will give you the added benefit of established relationships with reputable suppliers.

We have experience in liquidation sales sourcing all the kit out at a fraction of the retail shop. For a full kit out we go straight to the wholesaler, cut out the middle man and pass the saving straight to you. We put together your ideas, likes, dislikes and needs and we work out a design for your space that reflects your needs and wants, not ours and at your budget.

Choosing Declan Noonan & Associates to design the interior of your property will identify you as a discerning owner.

Why use an interior designer?
We have always believed that architecture and interior design should be considered in tandem – how can one truly design a project without an idea of how it will look once it is furnished or lived in. Coupled with our architectural service, we can make your space work better for you and maximize the potential of your property.

Declan Noonan & Associates will save you time and money. We can make your space look amazing without any hassle for you. We will increase the value of your property and make it easier to sell it or let it. We can create the wow factor cheaply, that appeals t your target market.

By engaging us to correctly dress and fit out your property, we will make your property more memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Who is this service for?
Declan Noonan & Associates Interior Design service is primarily aimed at those who are looking to make a greater return on their investment. We have worked with developers or those who are completing a self build with the aim to selling on the property. Our practical approach and awareness of budget means we often work with those who struggle with design choices. When a customer comes to us for our architectural services, we are more than happy to oblige with our Interior Design service also.

Our services:

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Interior Design for your home
The right home interior design can improve not only your house value but it can also improve your mood and your health. A good home interior does not have to cost and arm and a leg. The right design to suit your budget and your lifestyle is easy to achieve with the right designer. While interior design is about the layout and features in your home, many of us simply want to decorate the home interior we already have. It is also important for you to decorate your home to the style that matches your lifestyle. After all, it is your home!

Here are our Top 10 Tips for decorating your home interior;

  1.  Buy nothing in isolation. Gather all your ideas and samples together. Compare and match them to the room before you go ahead and purchase. Don’t be afraid to bring samples to the furniture store to compare.
  2. Make a Feature. Start with something that you love and excites you. It can be as simple as a picture or a vase, or as big as a fireplace or piece of furniture. Let this be your feature and set the theme for the room, or even the house.
  3. Pick your style and stick with it. Picking a different style for each room can lead to a house which looks like it has no style.  Choose what style you like and carry your style throughout the room and the house.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add colour or texture. Even a small bold colour with texture can really brighten up a room and can become a feature you love. But remember too many bold colours can look garish and too loud.
  5. Check in all lighting. Different daytime hours, weather conditions and artificial lighting make every colour, material and texture appear different. Make sure to check all your samples in all different conditions before placing your order.
  6. Keep it simple. By not adding too many features, colours or textures. It can all start to fight against each other if there are too many. There should only be one feature in a room.
  7. Measure twice and buy once. It is very easy to buy fabrics and furniture and convince yourself in the store it will fit. Make sure you know the appropriate size of furniture for your room before you buy. Don’t be fooled by the large open space in the furniture stores.
  8. Avoid the trends and go for a timeless look. Unless you want to spend money on redecorating every time the trends change then keep it simple. Go for neutrals and natural materials with splashes of colour. This way your splashes can be bold.
  9. Keep it warm. The wrong material or colour can make a room feel cold, even with the heating up full blast. Try to pick warm colours for your walls and especially warm floor materials for the floor, by picking timbers and carpets over tiles and stone coverings.
  10. Light it Right. The right lighting can make a room warmer and softer. It can be the difference between comfort and discomfort. If you plan on changing your light fittings or bulbs, do so before you start to pick colours and materials. They may not look like the colour you selected later!

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