What is a 7 Day Notice?

It is a ‘fast track’ notification of commencement of work prior to the granting of an FSC (Fire Safety Certificate).

The standard fee, payable to the Building Control Authority is €250 or €5.80 per square metre of floor, whichever is the greater. This is double the amount for a standard Fire Safety Certificate application.  The fee may vary depending on the work proposed and the fees are listed in the Fifth Schedule of the Building Control Regulations.

Do I need to apply for a FSC as well and do I have to pay a fee for both?

Yes, the 7 Day notice must be accompanied by a valid Fire Safety Certificate application and a statutory declaration in respect of the work proposed, but only the fee for the 7 day notice applies. You do not have to submit separate fees for both the Notice and the FSC.

Can you apply for a 7 day notice if you have already applied for a Fire Safety Certificate?

Yes, if you have made a valid application for a Fire Safety Certificate you may submit a 7 day notice provided you submit the reference number of the original application, the revised fee and all the required documentation as listed in Article 20A of the Regulations. You should liaise with your local building control authority.

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