Property Management for Small Portfolio

Property Management for Small Portfolio

Here are some of the benefits you  will reap from appointing Declan Noonan & Associates as your property management firm.

Lower Costs
Working with Declan Noonan & Associates enables you to save money. Having a single point of responsibility means that you minimize costs, for example we can organize servicing to prevent premature equipment failures that lead to expensive repairs. We can solve problems immediately as they arise, therefore reducing the cost of repair in the future. Furthermore, having someone on the ground saves you the time and money involved in securing and maintaining the property yourself.

Energy Savings & Being Green
We can help you lower your monthly energy bills by up to 50% by analysing your buildings’ power needs and providing simple, low cost upgrades to your lighting and occupancy sensors. Our energy management department are qualifies and experience in this matter.

Ability to Focus on Your Core Interests
Worrying about your property can prevent you from focusing on what is really important to you, whether it is growing your business, or growing your family, or enjoying your retirement. Engaging Declan Noonan & Associates to take care of your property management needs allows you to focus on what you find important in life. You can reap the rewards from your property without the hassle involved in looking after it.

Preventative Maintenance
We implement a preventative maintenance program in any property we manage to extend the life of your equipment, appliances and building structure. We implement routine checks for leaks and structural issues to minimize cost and improve site safety. We provide all of these services in-house, thus keeping costs down for you.

24/7 Coverage With Expert & Reliable Performance
You can benefit from having a team of well-trained property management experts that are able to perform the services needed to maintain your property on a 24/7 basis. This includes plumbing and electrical services, drywall repairs, painting, ceiling tile repairs, carpeting, routine cleaning, lock & key maintenance, and closing/opening of facilities. We have a reliable team that is capable and ready to fulfill all of your property management needs.

Emergency Management
We will have the people and resources required to respond to any and all emergencies. We have access to the experts even at midnight to deal with break-in cleanups, leaks and virtually any other type emergency.

Safety Compliance
A key part of property management is maintaining compliance with all building regulations. We work with you to make sure you pass your own established corporate standards, local fire laws, landlord’s rules and building inspectors. Click here for more information on building regulations.

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