Property Management for Financial Institutions

Property Management for Financial Institutions

Declan Noonan & Associates have extensive experience acting as a single point of contact for private developments co-ordinating all design and construction related activities from inception to completion and delivering the required outcomes. Declan Noonan & Associates comprehensive service covers all aspects of the development process from team appointments, design, planning, and procurement to on-site completions.

We feel our service is invaluable in situations where the developer or owner has been removed or have abandoned the property. Our location means that we can put our knowledge, expertise and contacts to work for every property stakeholder. This ensures security, reassurance and a maximum return on the investment.

Furthermore, we are best place to advise when is best to sell the property for the maximum return on all stakeholders investment. Our in-house services means that we can ensure the property is sale ready.

Services to Financial Institutions Include:

  • Program management overseeing multiple projects
  • Technical evaluation of the project (statutory compliances, cost to complete, programming and phasing)
  • Assessment of marketability to support the proposed business plan.
  • Development site potential, design options and asset value creation.
  • Cost considerations to complete or suspend works and operating costs [property management].
  • Programme and phasing options and proposals.
  • Risk assessment and mitigating strategies.
  • Understanding the business objectives of financial institutions and stakeholders
  • Agree the technical project recovery strategy with the Financial Institution and other Stakeholders.
  • Professional appointments for Consultants to achieve the agreed project recovery strategy.
  • Step-in role to manage project completion.
  • Business plan due diligence
  • Application of stage gate process to safeguard stakeholder investment.
  • Day-to-day property management – utility bills, routine and emergency maintenance, security

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