Planning Objections


Planning Objections or Planning Submissions

A planning observation or planning submission needs to push the correct buttons with the planning authority to be successful. One needs to point out in simple terms how the development will affect you and the enjoyment of your property. Having Declan Noonan & Associates make the submission on your behalf will ensure the planning authority will have to take note of the submission as it will contain all the facts and factors that the planners will have to consider. Any professionally prepared submission will force the planners to address the concerns you have as to how your property is being affected.

As Declan Noonan & Associates have diverse knowledge and experience, we have all the expertise to make a very challenging submission on your behalf. At the very least the planning authority will be obliged to make a written report stating the reasons why your submission was not acted on. This response to your submission can be very beneficial to any subsequent An Bord Pleanála submission.

Why choose Declan Noonan & Associates to manage your submission for you?
We have years of experience dealing with the local planning authorities. We are familiar with the trends that planning authorities follow. We can advise on the likely route the planning authority will take with the application you are objecting to.

We examine each and every aspect of the planning application. We begin with a site visit where we look at site location, building location, percolation tests, etc.  We examine the impact the proposed structure will have on you. We often are asked to put together submissions based on a proposed development blocking a view. It is a common misconception that we are entitled to a view. However, it is more than likely there will be other issues we can base your submission on.

We also forensically examine the application to ensure that every technicality and correct procedure was followed. We will expose any inadequacies and therefore question the validity of the planning application. You can be rest assured that we will cover all the angles for you in your submission.

Your comments or submissions must be based on planning considerations, not on personal likes, dislikes or grievances. When putting together your submission we will base it on all of these planning considerations:

  • National and regional guidelines and ministerial directives
  • Policies and objectives of the development plan
  • Policies and objectives of any local plan. A local plan shall be consistent with the objectives of the development plan and shall consist of a written statement and a plan or plans indicating the objectives for the proper planning and sustainable development of the area to which it applies. It can include detail on community facilities and amenities and on standards of design in developments and structures. See also the section on local plans in the “development plan” paper.
  • Local considerations such as site development density, parking provision, traffic hazards, overlooking, effects on residential amenity, etc.
  • Public health
  • Environmental, amenity and shopping impacts
  • Other material planning matters.

Anyone making a planning submission without a detailed knowledge of the above issues are simply hoping for the best and not giving themselves every opportunity for success.

Planning Submission Procedure
Applicants for planning permission must put up a site notice and advertise in a local newspaper so you may find out about an application that way. Local authorities must prepare weekly lists of planning applications and make them available for inspection for at least 8 weeks in their offices and public libraries.

You are entitled to see all the documents submitted with a planning application, which will be kept at the offices of your local authority. Planning authorities cannot rule on an application until 5 weeks have elapsed from the date of its receipt.

Your comments must be in writing to your local authority. If possible, you should quote the planning application’s reference number. You must quote your name and address and postal address (if different).

Your submission/observation must be acknowledged by the local authority and you must be notified of the planning decision. The planning authority charges €20 for entering a submission/observation on a planning application.

Anyone who has made written submissions/observations and paid the necessary fee must be informed of the decision by the local authority within 3 days of making the decision.

If you made a submission/observation that has been acknowledged by the local authority, you have the right to appeal its planning decision to An Bord Pleanála. You also have the right to be informed of any other appeals that have been lodged to An Bord Pleanála and to receive a copy of the appeal.

Our service is tailored exactly to your needs. We calculates our fee based on the time it takes to prepare a submission. Contact Declan Noonan & Associates for your quote.

Further Information
Anyone in Ireland has the right to see a planning application made to a local authority. You also have the right to make a written submission or observation on the application. This is commonly known as ‘objecting’ in Ireland. Declan Noonan & Associates can help you put together your written submission commenting on a planning permission application and submit it to the relevant authorities. We will examine all angles of the planning application and look at all the ways in which the proposed building will impact on you. We will put together your case in a well presented and clearly reasoned argument that covers all aspects of the planning application. Our thorough approach ensures your submission will be taken seriously by the local authority.

Time constraints are also a factor to consider when sending in a submission to the planning authority. Planning submissions must be made within five weeks of the date of receipt of the planning application by the local authority. Therefore, acting quickly is crucial in order for us to put together the best submission/objection possible.

Furthermore, if you do not make a submission or an objection to the local authority, you cannot make a submission to An Bord Pleanála. If you have any concerns at all about a proposed development, our advise is to make a submission to the local authority. You then have options regardless of how the planning application develops. No submissions means no voice.

However, we do advise that all submissions or comments must be factually correct and relevant. The planning authority will simply ignore any submission that is not presented correctly. Getting the professionals here at Declan Noonan & Associates to make the point on your behalf will increase your chances of getting your point across and having your point taken on board by the planning authority.

Respond to submissions or objections
Here at Declan Noonan & Associates we can work with you or your appointed planning agent to respond to objections/submissions that have been made on your application.

Contact Declan Noonan & Associates for more information.

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