Further Information Requests


Further Information Request

If you receive a Further Information Request from the local planning authority, you are nearing the end of the planning process. It is highly likely that you will be granted planning permission if you respond appropriately to the questions or the information requested. As you are so close to being granted planning permission, do not leave it to chance. If you are unhappy with your current planning agent, or feel they do not have the technical abilities to respond effectively, or you are trying to manage the planning process yourself and are unsure of how to respond, ask us to have a look at your planning application. Our planning expertise means we can assess a planning application at any stage and advise on the appropriate next steps for you to take.

We can then decide whether it is suitable for us to respond for you or we can guide your current planning agent through the process ensuring any deficiencies are removed. This gives your application every chance of success. Don’t hesitate to contact us. It is you and your family’s future at stake. Just ask and, at the very least, we will give you an unbiased opinion on what your next steps are.

Request for ‘Further Information’ or ‘Clarification’
‘Further Information’ is requested if the Planning Authority consider it is necessary to gain additional information in order to make a decision on the application. The applicant must reply to each point of the request for ‘Further Information’ fully, within six months of the request being made.  However, the planning regulations allow the planning authority to agree an extension of the six month limit by a further three months.  This time can be used to permit clarification of further information to be obtained or in cases where, for various reasons, the applicant has difficulty in complying with the six month time limit.

Any request to the planning authority to agree an extension of three months should be made in writing prior to the expiry of the six month period.

If the request for further information is not responded to fully within the six or nine month limit (if agreed), then the application is deemed withdrawn.

If the Planning Authority needs to clarify the points of Further Information submitted by the applicant in order to make a decision, it may request ‘clarification’ on some or all of the ‘further information’ submitted. The applicant must reply to the request for ‘clarification’ in full, otherwise the application is deemed withdrawn.  If the applicant makes a satisfactory reply to any or all of the above request(s) the Planning Authority  must then make a decision on the application, i.e. Grant or Refuse Permission, within 4 weeks of the date of a satisfactory response to the above request (except where an E.I.S, has been submitted, where the period extends to 8 weeks).

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